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Preliminary Testing Audits of PBJ Data

June 2017
Author:  Jessica Cullen

Jessica Cullen



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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has begun a pilot testing program to audit Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) data. Granite Dolphin and Myers and Stauffer audit teams are focused on examining payroll records and other auditable data to identify if staffing is accurately reported based on paid hours. As such, information requested may include information from payroll, timekeeping systems, invoices or contracts for contracted staff and interviews with staff responsible for PBJ data entry and submission.

The audits may take place on or off site. The audit team will provide the facility with the audit type, i.e., on-site or off-site, the submission time period the testing will focus on, a list of requested information and a due date for requested information. On-site audit dates will be announced to facilities prior to the audit team’s arrival, so the facility can plan for the on-site work.

This pilot testing program’s purpose is to fine-tune the PBJ audit process. Per CMS, findings from the audits won’t result in sanctions or negative actions against the facility. Upon completion of the audit, the audit team will meet with facility management to discuss the findings.

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