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The Next Round of Eligible Hospital MU Audits Have Begun!

November 2015
Author:  Deborah Whitley

Deborah Whitley



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Given the continued all-or-nothing results of Meaningful Use Audits, we cannot stress how important it is to have your documentation ready. If you receive notification of a Meaningful Use Audit, there will only be limited time to get all of your documentation submitted.

Because each year is a separate “silo” year, any prior year’s documentation represents a different program year—and it’s time to review attestation documentation for all program years to verify the adequacy.

Also, if an eligible hospital fails a Meaningful Use Audit for any given program year, the attestations for the subsequent and preceding years will be audited!

As a reminder, it’s also time to prepare for the 2015 attestations that will open January 4. Are you ready to attest? Read our recent article, “It’s Time to Attest to Program Year 2015 … Are You Ready?” and view the final rule archived webinar to find out if you’re ready. We’ve also created a “12 Things You Need To Know” list about the final rule for Eligible Hospitals and Eligible Professionals.

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