Intacct Software

Regular Software Updates

November 2015

With a cloud-based financial package like Intacct, the software updates automatically occur every three months. This is a subtle yet powerful benefit of having financial systems in the cloud.

Let’s look at some of the advantages.

Speed of Implementation

With traditional software, deployment is typically a lengthy process involving IT experts, a full requirements assessment and internal staff to ensure a smooth implementation. With a cloud-based solution, you don’t have the infrastructure and system software to implement, so the implementation is easier and the advantages of the solution are felt sooner.

Faster Delivery of New Functionality

Cloud-based software providers can schedule updates automatically, with little or no disturbance to users. This ensures the latest and greatest software is always available and the user interface remains modern and can keep up with business demands.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Using cloud-based software, businesses can eliminate many operating costs associated with an on-premises solution, such as expert IT staff. Using cloud-based software greatly reduces the barriers to upgrades, since the need for infrastructure is eliminated.

Increased Security

Moving to the cloud is often a security upgrade: cloud-hosting providers like Amazon, Intacct and Microsoft spend millions of dollars on cloud security each year and hire teams dedicated to eliminating any potential threats. By contrast, many small and midsize businesses typically have only minimal or outdated security practices around their data and servers.


Another advantage of cloud computing is the predictability it brings. Software upgrade fees, replacing outdated servers and other variable costs are virtually eliminated with cloud computing. Many companies appreciate the predictability of a fixed monthly fee for their IT needs and the use-based costing.

Migrating your financial system to the cloud is a better solution for your business for many reasons. It offers the speed of implementation, faster delivery of new functionality, reduced cost of ownership, increased security and predictability and regular software updates.

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