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Increased Business Agility

November 2015

A recent Harvard Business Review survey demonstrates the true value of cloud computing to business. While it is clear cloud computing provides cost benefits, the survey results reveal a direct link between cloud computing and business agility.

Business agility is the ability of a business to adapt rapidly and cost-efficiently to changes in the business environment. According to McKinsey & Company, a leading global management consulting firm, the benefits of agility include faster revenue growth, greater and more lasting cost reduction and more effective management of risks and threats.

Among the companies that responded to the survey

  • 49 percent entered a new market in the past three years
  • 37 percent said it had simplified internal operations
  • 33 percent said it led to better delivery of internal resources
  • 31 percent said it led to new ways for employees to work, connect and collaborate
  • 23 percent also cited faster rollout of new business initiatives to exploit new opportunities
  • 23 percent said it led to improved ability to acquire, share, analyze and act on data

The structure of cloud computing provides businesses with advantages as you can see. Here are the cloud system features that enable your business to be as agile as possible.

  • On-demand scalability – As your business scales, all that’s needed is a call or email to your cloud services provider to instantly increase your storage or make an upgrade.
  • Data availability – Cloud providers can offer more points of access to businesses. The access can be from any location, using smartphones and tablets. This increases the ability to share documents and other files to support both internal and external collaboration.
  • Greater security – Mirrored servers and multiple physical locations allow providers, and their users, greater protection against loss of service or data due to a physical disaster. You also can have a higher level of antivirus and anti-intrusion protection.
  • Faster delivery of new functionality – Cloud providers can schedule updates automatically, with little or no disturbance to users. This ensures that the latest and greatest software is always available.

Business agility means more profitability, faster time to market and greater ability to spin up new programs, create new products, hire and retain new people—pick any. This is the true value of cloud computing.

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