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BKD Wealth Advisors Hits $2 Billion Under Management & Supervision

Date:  October 26, 2012

SPRINGFIELD, MO. – Jack Thurman, president of BKD Wealth Advisors, LLC, is proud to announce the investment advisory firm has reached $2 billion* under management and supervision.  This milestone reaffirms BKD’s standing as one of the country’s top-tier CPA wealth management firms.

“BKD Wealth Advisors is fortunate to have reached this pinnacle considering the ongoing market volatility,” Thurman said.  “This is not only an achievement for BKD Wealth Advisors, but for all of BKD.”

To celebrate, BKD Wealth Advisors will make a donation to the American Cancer Society (ACS) in memory of Lisa Workman and Ed Crumm, two BKD partners who recently passed away after battling cancer.  BKD leaders like Lisa and Ed have helped BKD Wealth Advisors achieve this benchmark through persistence, positive attitudes, commitment and teamwork.  The donation—made on behalf of all BKD employees—will go to the ACS Patient Transportation Program, which provides $50 gas cards to cancer patients traveling to and from medical facilities for treatment.

BKD Wealth Advisors is a wholly owned subsidiary of BKD, LLP, offering wealth management services for affluent individuals and families and investment consulting and compliance services for institutional clients.  Our advisors build trusted relationships, tailor integrated solutions to help clients meet their goals and combine their knowledge and wisdom with the expertise of top financial institutions, including BKD, LLP, one of the nation’s largest CPA and advisory firms.

*As of September 2012

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