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Jeff Layman, chief investment officer for BKD Wealth Advisors, is quoted in a February 9, 2011, article in The New York Times about how to invest wisely in the commodities market. More »»

Kenneth Simonson, chief economist with of Associated General Contractors of America, spoke about the state of the industry at a forum to clients and friends of BKD on December 3 in the new St. Louis office in the One Metropolitan Square building. Simonson is the top voice on economic trends affecting the construction industry in the United States. BKD is actively involved at the local level serving on various committees and with AGC of America serving on its Tax & Fiscal Affairs Committee as well as the Multi Employer Pension Plan Task Force. The St. Louis Business Journal reported on Simonson's visit. More »»

Gene Morgenthaler, partner with BKDs St. Louis office, is featured in a St. Louis Business Journal article, St. Louis businesses to benefit from tax breaks. More »»

Wendy Henry, managing partner of BKDs St. Louis and Decatur offices, is featured in a St. Louis Business Journal New to Town article. More »»

Steve Blumreich, president of BKD Corporate Finance, LLC, is featured in a BusinessWeek article, "M&A: Will the Recession Spark a Rebound?". More »»


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WealthPlan is BKD’s family of professional services to help clients grow, preserve and protect their wealth. Through WealthPlan advisors, clients have access to the resources of BKD, LLP and BKD Wealth Advisors, LLC (BKDWA), a wholly owned subsidiary. BKDWA is our investment advisory subsidiary registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which manages or supervises approximately $1 billion in client portfolios and provides investment management, personal wealth planning and estate planning solutions.

BKDWA’s advisors are financial counselors with years of experience in investment and financial management. Increasingly they are being tapped by national media for insight, explanation and solid commentary related to newsworthy issues. Selected national appearance listings for print and electronic media are featured on this page.

January 17, 2017
Jeff Layman, Chief Investment Officer, BKD Wealth Advisors

Fred Imbert of CNBC.com includes Jeff Layman, principal and CIO at BKD Wealth Advisors, in a piece discussing U.S. markets ahead of the inauguration of Donald Trump as uncertainty about policies grew. Some indexes declined ahead of the inauguration, "You don't know what's going to happen. So it's hard to reposition into this or that," Layman says.

Read the article here.
January 12, 2017
Steven Toomey, Principal, BKD Wealth Advisors

Julie Cooling of Forbes features Steven Toomey, principal at BKD Wealth Advisors, in a video after the firm made the Top 100 RIA firms on RIA Channel's annual ranking. Toomey discusses the firm's expertise and what they've been hearing from clients lately. "Many clients are concerned about the state of the U.S. economy and the election and what impact that could have on portfolios. Asset allocation models haven't changes much in light of concern, we're more focused on the long term and that the allocation model is consistent with client needs," he says.

Watch the interview here.
Financial Advisor IQ
January 6, 2017
Steve Martin, Director, BKD Wealth Advisors

Steve Martin, director at BKD Wealth Advisors, is featured in a Financial Advisor IQ article about a small business owner client who didn't follow suggested advice to purchase life insurance. "Many small business owners pour most of the money they earn back into their business. Owning a small business is an emotional proposition but emotions can lead to bad decisions - especially when it comes to financial planning. As advisors, our job is to protect clients from the negative consequences of those emotional decisions, even if it means protecting them from themselves," he says.

Read the article here.
USA Today
December 21, 2016
Steve Martin, Director, BKD Wealth Advisors

Jeff Reeves of USA Today includes Steve Martin, director at BKD Wealth Advisors, in an article about mistakes to avoid when saving for retirement. "Diversification should be about more than just your 401(k) or home equity, however, and should span instruments including life insurance or annuities," he says.

Read the article here.
Wall Street Journal
December 19, 2016
Jeff Layman, Chief Investment Officer, BKD Wealth Advisors

Jeff Layman, principal and CIO at BKD Wealth Advisors, is included in Akane Okani's daily market article in the Wall Street Journal. "I think the key thing for investors is to be real cautious about piling onto what's done well over the last 45 days or so since the election, be it bank stocks or U.S. stocks generally," he says.

Read the article here.

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