2016 Tax Advisor layer
Navigate new tax matters
Tax Advisor 2016 Year-End Review Now Available
BKD has gathered information on a breadth of business
and individual tax topics that can help chart your year-end
tax planning course.
Tax Advisor 2016 Year-End Review
Insurance Seminars layer
Gain a better vantage point
2016 BKD Insurance Seminars
Insurers face increasingly complex challenges. Join BKD
and Booke Seminars instructors at an all-day event nearest
you and receive insight into some of the industry’s
most pressing questions.
2016 BKD Insurance Seminars
BKD Big Data & Analytics layer layer layer BKD Big Data & Analytics
Vornado - Client Testimonial layer
Air of accomplishment
BKD helps Vornado claim new tax credits
Learn why this Kansas-based manufacturer hasn’t looked
back since switching to BKD from their former
accounting firm.
Air of accomplishment
Take the Higher Education External Environment Survey layer
Your input matters
Take the Higher Education Labor Costs Survey
BKD National Higher Education Group invites you to
participate in an anonymous, five-minute survey covering
topics from compensation to productivity standards
and more.
Take the Higher Education External Environment Survey
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