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Year-end guidance
2015 Year-End Tax Advisor Now Available
From updated retirement planning rules to changes related
to health care reform, learn about numerous tax issues
that could affect you.
2015 Year-End Tax Advisor Now Available
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Keeping tabs
How Uber Can Help Prevent Travel Fraud
While the popular travel service is making
headlines for a number of issues, it also can
help employers combat waste and abuse.
How Uber can Help Prevent Travel Fraud
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Satisfied client
BKD Helps Energy Wholesaler Prepare for Growth
When Arkansas-based Mike Jordan Company needed
access to capital, BKD professionals were ready to assist.
BKD Helps energy wholesaler Prepare for Growth
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Taxpayer reprieve
IRS Will Waive Form 1098-T Penalties
Colleges and other educational institutions that
filed Forms 1098-T with incorrect or missing
taxpayer identification numbers in tax years
2012 to 2014 will not be punished.
IRS Will Waive Form 1098-T Penalties
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